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Not in the mood for a sandwich? Turn it into a rice bowl!

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Open Monday-Saturday 10:30AM-3PM

Try one of our new Beebs and Bubs Smoothies or Frappes!

When you’re committed to excellence you have to build a world class coffee menu where respect for the coffee bean is given from the beginning of the plant growing process to the delivery of the final cup of pure roasted coffee and specialty craft espressos.

Try Our Selection of Fresh Coffee

BB_Coffee Let us take you for a ride with rich, distinct flavor profiles from all across this great Earth. You might even learn a little bit more about yourself.

BB_Specialty We take our flavored hand crafted drinks personally. Not overly sweet and not overly boring…just straight up EXCITING! Hot, Cubed or blended. Just the way you like it!

BB_Solo Simple, Classic… and what you thought Espresso should taste like but was always afraid to ask…just in a single or double shot to get even the most dedicated espresso lover moving in the right direction.

BB_Chai From delicious steamed Chai Tea Latte’s to loose leaf teas steeped to peak flavor, your options will always bring out the best of the season.

Download Our Menu Order Online

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About Us

Beebs & Bubs is a “Get You Out Quick”, ready-to-order, “POINT & CREATE” express service daytime café and barista, that specializes in quick customer options for world cultivated cups of Espresso and Premium Coffees, Premium Hot & Cold Sandwiches, Fresh Cut Salads, American style Rice Bowl Medleys, Soups & Homemade Stews.

All food items are carefully prepared with an emphasis on quality, taste and convenience. Our preparation and time safety for food shelf life are stringently conservative and much less than the recommended manufactures recommendation to assure that each customer receives the freshest and highest class of fare.

Moreover, our relationship with a Tri-State local, custom coffee bean roaster, allows Beebs & Bubs Ameri-Cafe to explore the peak flavor and boldness of every coffee bean and espresso that goes into the making of our specialty blend beverages to include: Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Premiums Roasts, Iced & Blended Coffee and Espresso. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee vet our just looking to learn something new…here at Beebs & Bubs EVERYONE is on a level playing field.

From choice deli meats free of binders and chemical holding agents, to freshly prepared chicken and steak each grilled and slow roasted on site each with its own unique and robust flavor. Our locally roasted specialty coffees and espresso’s will treat your taste buds and our rich powerful soups and stews will make you feel right at home.

With high quality products and a focus on precision culinary fusion to offer the freshest and boldest café flavor…Beebs & Bubs is designed to give everyone…in any mood…an option worthy of getting together.

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 7 West High Street, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Monday-Saturday 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM


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